Monday, March 17, 2008

The scooter ride that was not

About a month ago the Mr. and I went on a caribbean cruise. We went to Cozumel and Belize. It was amazing and wonderful and we loved it! We can't wait to go on another one. I thought I'd share one of my favorite moments from the cruise....

We were trying to figure out what we should do in Cozumel. Even though the cruise line strongly suggests not renting scooters, apparently the cool thing to do is to rent them and cruise around the island and go to the ruins and to all the different beaches. Since I care about my image and easily cave to peer pressure, then obviously we ended up renting the scooters.

How could the scooter ride go awry when I look so good in the helmet you ask? Well its simple, it wasn't us who had a mishap with the scooters--it was the couple we were with (who will remain nameless unless they wanna come out of the closet). Anyways, we rent the scooters and get on them and are ready to ride! We are behind our friends and they start to pull out of the parking lot with us following behind. Once out of the parking lot, we are supposed to turn left. Well instead of doing that our friends speed ahead and plummet into the curb in front of them throwing the wife off the scooter and causing the husband to fall to the ground with the scooter falling on top of him. They husband jumped up and quickly and said that he was fine and ready to go (even though his shin was gushing blood). The wife looked at him like he was crazy and told him she wasn't getting back on. By then I was no longer afraid of my image being tarnished--I was deathly afraid of the scooter. My hubby didn't even ask questions, we just turned around and went back and rented a jeep (which is what I wanted to do in the first place, but we had to be like the cool kids) This is us in our SAFE jeep!

While we went and rented a jeep our friends got in a little tiff with the guys who rented the scooters to them. They were telling them they had to pay all this money cuz they broke the scooter (which they did,but just not as bad as they were saying). In the end they worked out a deal and had to pay some money but not as much as was originally asked for. The husband got his shin checked out on the boat and he could have had stitches but he just had them butterfly it up! I'm pretty sure we will never rent scooters EVER again!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cyndi made me do it!

So for many a day now people have been telling me that I should start a blog. After I figured out what a blog was then I decided that I was too lazy to do it. Why start a blog now you may ask? Well my sister-in-law Cyndi was the one who convinced me to get over my laziness. Since I know that this will soon become your favorite blog, you can all thank Cyndi. Pictures of our recent adventures will soon come...