Friday, February 20, 2009

Can I get one? PLEASE????

I seriously want one. Its all I can think about now. Cute lil' piglet following me around. I asked the Mr. and he said no....

Kingsford Goes to the Beach - Click here for more home videos

After my sisters and I watched this video we couldn't stop thinking about the cute piglet so we looked up piglets on the internet! We found these miniature pigs that they sell called royal dandies. Think how cute Harley would be hanging out with a miniature pig? BFF's for sure. It'd be a dream come true for me....

And I'm not joking....I really want one!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

He seriously laughed at me???

So these past few days I've been deathly ill. And I wasn't getting better at all I just kept getting worse and worse. Yesterday I finally decided I better go to instacare. I went to instacare and the doctor said I had strep throat. He said that I could either get a shot of antibiotics or I could take antibiotics for 10 days. Right away Shawn says, "I think you should do the shot." Well I have this little problem where everytime I get a shot or a needle comes around me I pass out. But the past few times I've gotten my blood taken I've been okay so I thought maybe I grew out of it. And whenever I take antibiotics I have a little problem with my intestines the whole time I'm on it (hope you catch my drift). But the doctor said I wouldn't have this problem if I had the shot. So shot it was! I pulled my pants down and the nurse gave me my shot. Next thing you know I was getting dizzy and my stomach starting hurting and I remember hearing myself say, "I'm gonna pass out." But my voice was so far away and I couldn't see anything anymore. Next thing I know I'm laying down and my legs are propped up. It was all black but then I started looking around and I started seeing things again. I looked at the nurse and didn't know who the heck he was but then I look at the guy next to him and he's laughing....oh yes the guy laughing was Shawn. My wonderful husband who will love me through thick and thin, through sickness or through health is laughing at me as I come to telling me how pale I was. Wow, I have the nicest husband ever! And then as I'm laying there trying not to pass out again he asks me what I'm cooking for dinner. Obviously thats a joke as I never cook dinner anyway, but what a butt face huh? Apparently I haven't grown out of passing out whenever I get a shot--good to know. And I also have free reign to laugh at Shawn next time he gets sick or hurt! Also good to know!

Back when Shawn loved me and wouldn't laugh at me when I was sick.....sigh....those were the days!

By the way, my bum STILL hurts from where I got the shot. I'm never listening to my husband again!