Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pool Pets

Since we have moved to Tulsa we have found quite a variety of animals living in the pool. There are 2 pools in our apartment complex--the lower pool which is by the apartment complex office, and then an upper pool which is basically in the backyard of our apartment. Since the upper pool is closer we usually go to that one. Well when we moved into the apartment complex the pools weren't open yet, they didn't open for about two weeks. When we would walk Harley at night we would walk past the upper pool by our house. I'm gonna be honest, the pool was NASTY!! It was all green and swampy and gross. Come to find out there were snakes in it! Yes, snakes were living in the pool! Finally they cleaned it out and got rid of the snakes. Sure the pool was cleaner but it was still not open to the public yet. Even though it wasn't open to the public, apparently it was open to ducks. Every night we walked by the pool after it got cleaned there was a duck just chillin and floating around on it. We thought it was a fake duck so Shawn threw a rock at it and we discovered it was real! So the duck lasted about a week and then they opened the pool and the duck stopped showing up....must not like chlorine! While I thought we were rid of our wonderful pool pets I was wrong. For the past week or two every morning we find this in the pool

Yes you saw it correctly--it is a rat. They are found in various forms; dead, alive, water-logged.... You would think that one of the surviving rats would run and tell the other rats that getting in the pool is not a good idea. But we have had no rat messengers relay this message for every morning rats are still found! I have never been so glad that I just lay out and don't actually get in the pool! While my hubby might be full of diseases,I am not! Phew, dodged that bullet! I thought the pool was bad but apparently the hot tub isn't much better. One night WHILE we were sitting in the hot tub we were informed by maintenance that it was filled with 'beer and piss'. YUMMY! That was the best news ever! Not only do I love sitting in a big bath tub filled with everyone else's filth, but now it is also filled with beer and piss. YAY! With this news of liquid options for the hot tub and various pets to choose from, I have never loved Tulsa so much!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Okay this really has nothing to do with Father's Day other than the fact that it happened to fall on Father's Day! After I showered Shawn with his favorite foods and gave him some new shirts (I know I know, I am the best wife ever) then we headed out for our usual Sunday tradition. The group out here always BBQ's and then we head to the pool for some fun in the sun! Today we decided to take Harley so he didn't have to be stuck in the house. Harley isn't the biggest fan of water. He used to love it when he was a puppy. Whenever I was taking a shower he felt the need to join me. But then I had to start kicking him out cuz it was a pain to dry him off every day and I was sick of smelling wet dog. So eventually he stopped liking water! Well he has never been in deep enough water to try swimming. I always wondered if he even could swim considering his numerous rolls and stubby legs. So yesterday we were at the pool and it was like 95 and humid! He was getting so hot and couldn't find any relief! I was in the pool and I was trying to coax him in. With just me around him (he didn't trust any of the guys) he actually came in a few steps and hung out in the water. But once he went to step down on the third step he realized he would be in over his head and backed up! He did like the kiddie pool though and hung out there for a know just drinking the nasty chlorinated water!

Finally curiousity got the best of all of us wondering if Harley could swim. While Harley was playing a viscous game of tug-o-war with a water bottle, Steve pulled him right into the water (with the help of Rhees). Harley sunk right to the bottom! Not knowing if he was going to come up or not the guys pulled him up! I can still picture in my mind his little legs flailing and him gasping for breath as he came up out of the water with this horrified expression on his face! While I probably should have been a little worried I couldn't stop laughin at the poor lil' fella! I'm laughing right now typing the story! Anyhow, Steve helped him swim to safety!

After that whole little shinanigan we still don't even know if he could swim cuz he sunk so fast and didn't come up we didn't dare see if he would come up on his own! So after Harley took the plunge of death he was a little bit shaken up to say the least. When I went and sat down on a chair to dry off he came and sat on my lap and didn't want to get off! What a GREAT Father's Day! Can't wait until next Sunday at the pool!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

You know you live in the ghetto when....

....this bilboard is displayed in the city you live in! Yes, this is not a joke. Yesterday when Shawn was driving out to go out and sell he came across this bilboard. What I am most thankful for is that if we ever need a criminal defense lawyer for guns, drugs or murder while we are out here, we have someone to turn to. Thank you Zach Smith, I'm glad I have a friend out here I can depend on!

By the way, this is not in my beloved Fayetteville that I miss so much--we moved to Tulsa a week or two ago. Let me just say that it is not paradise as the bishop told me the first sunday we were here! It was quite a culture shock moving from Fayetteville to here. Not only is the city much to be desired but our apartments are probably the worst one's I've ever lived in! It brings me back to the first apartment Shawn and I lived in when we got married(for those of you who saw it you know what I'm talking about!) Anyways, I am taking pictures and will post some of this new glorious place called home!