Friday, March 13, 2009


It was my birthday February 29 and I turned 25! Yep, I am a leap year baby, which means that my birthday got skipped this year! The years when I don't have a birthday, then I take advantage and celebrate my birthday on 2 days--February 28 and March 1. This year was no exception! I say its my birthday both days! But as usual my birthday ended up being a birthday week (mostly cuz I plan it that way!) Anyways, on other people's blogs I have noticed that when it's someone's birthday they write 10 things that they love about that person. Since the mister is not going to write 10 things he loves about me because he has no idea how to log on to this blog, I decided I'd write 10 things about how I love being me.

1. Sometimes I say things that don't make sense but in my head I know exactly what I'm talking about.
2. I am very protective over my treats. I believe in dividing them up equally....which means that I get them all!
3. Okay I am totally kidding! I'm really not gonna write 10 reasons why I love myself! But nobody else was going to do it so I figured I had to!!

So for my birthday I had a very busy week! I had a family party where my mom made homemade rolls which are my absolute FAVORITE!! My sisters birthday is 2 weeks before mine so we had a combined celebration!

I had girls night with some girls from high school. We went to cheesecake factory! It was so much fun and soooo good!

I had seeesters night with my two sisters! We ate lots of food and watched the stupidest movie ever! The narrator sounded like a complete idiot....or maybe sounded like a pervert? I'm not sure! It was one of those movies that won a bunch of awards at the Oscars though. I swear those movies are never good!

Then my wonderful hubby planned a surprise birthday party for me. We ate lots of good food and played Rockband and Singstar! Thanks for the wifey's for helping!

The next night we had Shawn's family over for dinner and played more Rockstar and I had more cheesecake!

I also went to lunch with a few of my friends and Shawn and ate so much sushi one night that our tummy's hurt. Oh and my cute friends Kimber and Maddi had flowers delivered to me on my birthday!! It totally made my day! There were even stargazer lily's which are my favorite flower!!

It was such a great birthday. Loved it even though I am practically 30 now! EEEEK!!