Saturday, August 2, 2008


I know shocking right?? Over the past month Tulsa has really grown on me! The first week we went to our ward here the bishop told me, "welcome to paradise." I laughed and was thinking, 'sheyah right' but now my thoughts have changed! And of course I start liking Tulsa right when my time here is winding down! Oh well!
Reasons for liking Tulsa:
1. Shopping: I know right? Who would have thought! Not only is there mall here huge but they have THE BEST shoe shopping ever!! There are these 2 shoe stores that I LOVE to go to! Lisa can testify to that! I think she bought 4 pairs of shoes while out here visiting me!
2. Frozen Custard on every corner. There are literally 5 frozen custard places within 10 minutes of my house. For all of you who haven't tried frozen custard you gotta try it! There aren't very many places in Utah to try it though. I will miss my chocolate frozen custard with brownies from Freddy's...
3. Uncle Vinny's Pizza: it was voted best pizza by the slice and I agree! Plus its cheap!
4. Our neighbors: We got to be friends with our neighbors who have this golden retriever. Harley and and their retriever, Coby, became best friends! Played all the time! I'll post a picture of them soon.
5. Our ward: This is been our favorite ward that we've been in. We love it. There are a lot of young couples and our bishop is awesome! I am sad to be leaving it! Its one of the main reasons why I started loving it here!
6. The Heat and Humidity! I know, I must be crazy right? I actually like how hot and humid it is! Well to an extent! But I love going outside at night and having a hot breeze! Don't know how to explain it and I'm sure if I was going door to door I wouldn't love it!

Things I don't like about Tulsa
1. Heat and Humidity! I know I know, we have a love hate relationship. Today it is 113 plus humidity and thats a little much for me. I'm afraid I'm gonna be cold when I come back to Utah!
2. The Apartments. The first thing you see when you pull in is a big sign that says, "top of the hill, top of the line." HA HA HA!!!
3. The unusually large bugs: Just imagine one of the grossest bugs you've seen in Utah and then times that by 3...or 4. Yeah thats the size of the bugs here. This centipede was found in our bathroom. I freaked out...just a lil' bit!!

4. Looming water heater: I don't so much hate it anymore. It has kinda grown on me.
This is what it looks like though. After we took the picture I was trying to close the door to it and it broke! I busted up laughing cuz that's the story of this apartment!