Monday, May 26, 2008

Amazing Fayetteville!

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, WE LOVE FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS!! At first I thought that we were in the twilight zone or wait, I don't even know why I said that. What's the twilight zone? I guess at first I thought we were in La La land? I don't even know what I'm thinking, but let me explain it. Everyone here is so strangely friendly that you would think it was fake...only its not! Everyone you walk past, you make eye contact with, you see across the street, or even if you think you might see someone around the corner, you say hi too. I'm not joking... I have never met people so friendly! Even in the grocery store everyone says hi to you when you walk past. It was so odd, but it was so genuine! It took some getting used to but we adapted quite quickly! It is also so green where we are! Everywhere you look it is just bright green--so pretty! And we live in the best place ever. Everything is within walking distance: the mall is in our backyard, the lake is just down the street, walmart is across the street and a sushi place is practically in our parking lot. where else would you need to go?? Although we love where we live we of course ran into some problems. When we got to our apartment we had no furniture. Shawn's company has our apartments furnished so we don't have to bring all of our couches and beds and stuff here. Well there was a mishap with the rental place and they said we wouldn't get our furniture until Monday...we got there on Thursday. So I figured, okay, whats a couple days without furniture? Well it did suck and I could hardly wait for our furniture to come on Monday, but then Monday came and went, Tuesday came and did Wednesday...and then thursday came....and FINALLY we got our furniture. During that week of no furniture Harley and I had time to ponder on the wonders that is furniture, take lots of naps, and take lots of walks outside (Shawn was working all day so he wasn't home furniture-less).

When we got our furniture I was quite ecstatic and immediately fell in love with the pretty periwinkle couches that now inhabit our family room. I began to wonder why I had never thought of something so beautiful, so profound to grace our presence in our home before! Here is Harley modeling them for us...

We live right by University of Arkansas and I have never seen people so dedicated to the local college! Everywhere we look there are red UA signs or pictures of a hog (their mascot). Everyone's outside mats to go into their house are hogs, they have flags outside their house, even the ladies at church have their little church bags with the mascot on it! In Walmart they have a huge section with rows and rows of University of Arkansas stuff...I thought you might not believe me so I was vedy vedy sneaky and took a picture with my phone (I was trying to fit in and didn't them to think I was weird for taking a picture...)

One of our favorite parts about living here is living so close to the lake. They have a little track that goes around it that we can take walks on and take Harley around. They have a big park area also. And they have little benches on the bridge that you can sit on and look out at the lake. It is AMAZING and we will definitely miss it when we move!

Whenever we move anywhere Harley always has his two favorite places. The first is the balcony. He takes after me and would lay all day in the sun if he could! On our balcony out here the sun only hits it in the morning so first thing in the morning he runs over to the door to go 'lay out.' The second place is the chair. Back at home he is only allowed on the couch, not on our chair. But when we come out
for the summer we have rental furniture which means he takes reign over the chair!! Here he is, just woken up and has morning hair...aka morning ears.

Oh and here is Harley with his new friend! Cute huh??

So that is Fayetteville in a nutshell. The guys have now become licensed in Oklahoma so we will be leaving here =(

The trek to Fayetteville, Arkansas

So I have gotten lazy...Whoops! My bad! A LOT has been going on this past month so be prepared for a long post! For all of you that don't know, The Mr. does summer sales--he sales security systems. So every summer we get to move somewhere new! While some may think its a pain to move every summer, I LOVE it!! I love to live all different places and I find myself getting antsy when I live in the same place for more than a few months. This is our third year with this company. Our first summer we went to Chicago, then last summer we went to Albuquerque, New Mexico and then to Vegas for a month for extended season, and then this year we are going to Fayetteville Arkansas and Tulsa, Oklahoma. The originally plan was just to go to Oklahoma bu it is really hard to get licensing there and we didn't quite have all the tests taken and paperwork done to go there when we needed to so we headed off to Fayetteville, Arkansas first. The night before we left to come to Fayetteville, I got this stabbing pain in my side. I tried to just ignore it because we had big plans for our last night (dinner at the parents and then a going away party with all our friends where we were gonna eat lots of treats and play rockband). Well I made it to dinner with my parents but then we were headed to our friends house and I couldn't bare the pain any longer!! Actually, my hubby couldn't bare watching me in pain any longer! I was just gonna deal with it but he made me go to the instacare. They took my blood and said I was on the verge of needing to have my apendix out. I guess my white blood cell count was 0.2 away from the danger zone! They sent me home but told me to go to the emergency room if it got worse. Our plan was to leave at midnight or 1am that morning for Arkansas but obviously that wasn't going to happen. I made it through the night and then the next morning I was feeling better but we went and got my blood tested just in case. The tests came back and my white blood cell count had drastically dropped which meant we were good to go. PHEW! We went and finished loading up the car (apendix still in the belly), put Harley in the back and started to pull out of the driveway. Harley was had been so excited and so nervous that we were going to leave him that it made his tummy start rumbling and he puked in the back seat. We cleaned that up and then he puked not one more time but two more times--3 times total! After we got that cleaned up we were FINALLY on our way!

It was a long 20 hour drive. We stopped in Amarillo, Texas and stayed in a beautiful motel...and by beautiful I mean gross. But what can you do right? On our long car rides we always take lots of pictures cuz we get bored. Here are a few....notice my puffy swollen eyes from crying the night before cuz I thought my guts were gonna explode out of my tummy!

Some highlights of our drive (besides the motel of course)...
Harley constantly wanting to sit on my lap. He doesn't realize he weighs 65 pounds and practically crushes me...

Harley not being a fan of Led Zepplin and when we listened to it he would turn his head back and forth and back and forth to try and figure out what in the heck that noise was. I thought he was gonna twist his head right off!

And of course, Harley and I anxiousy awaiting for Shawn to come out of the gas station and bring us some treats!