Monday, April 14, 2008

The rest of our Cali trip

We just got back from Cali a few days ago. We love to go there and stay with his grandparents! They live up up up in the hills above Temucula on a farm. Its a good half hour away from any store. But its nice to be up there and be away from things! Everytime we go there shawn says, "shoulda been a cowboy!" They have 8-10 horses, a chicken coop, 5 dogs and a bunch of cars (shawn's grandpa loves to work on and restore old cars). Anyways, I LOVE animals so I love going there and being around all the animals. Shawn's gram has recently gotten three new horses from Brazil. She goes on trips over to Brazil and rides the different horses to pick out the one that she wants. These are two of her newest horses (the third one just got guilded aka neutered so it was recovering)

This is Ziahmorra (I hope that's how you spell it). She is one of my favorite horses. She is so pretty and is so calm and nice.

This is one of their other new horses. I can't remember his name but it starts with a Z too. Anyways, he is pretty new so they haven't trained him completely yet and he likes to nibble!! He kept nibbling me in all the wrong places!

Ahhhh....there you go! That's a good boy...

Shawn loved him. He was amazing!

All of their dogs are so nice although you wouldn't know that when you pulled up to the house! They are really protective over the place and bark when you first get there but once they know you they are the sweetest dogs ever! They take care of the farm and chase away the coyotes and stuff. This is Max the German Shephard...

And this is TJ their biggest dog. He is massive! I'm not kidding! When he stands up he seriously looks like a bear! We love him so much but he is starting to get old and is getting arthiritis, poor pup. But that doesn't stop him from running all over the farm.

Shawn also spends quite a bit of time riding their tractors and quads all over the farm and driving all of Chuck's (his grandpa's) amazing cars! And me and his gram like to spend our time shopping!

Disneyland vs Disneyworld

So a few weeks after I went to Disneyworld in Florida, me and the Mr. went to California and went to Disneyland with our friends John and Natalie Kellogg. The whole time I was at Disneyworld I kept thinking that the rides weren't as good as I remembered (well from Disneyland). I thought it was because I hadn't been to Disneyland in a while, but it had only been like 2 years since I had been there. Even Space Mountain which is one of my all time favorite rides gave me whiplash and didn't seem very fun! Blaine and I went on that ride a couple times because we swore it should have been better! Anyways, after going to Disneworld and then going to Disneyland a couple weeks later I came to the conclusion that Disneyland is SO MUCH BETTER!! The rides are all waaaaay better than Disneyworld! Space Mountain totally redeemed itself!! It gave me a new found love for Disneyland. Here are some of the highlights.

I have met a lot of the princesses and other Disney characters but none quite compared to Cruella Deville. Right when we walked into Disneyland we saw her so Natalie and I went to take a picture with her. I was trying to make conversation with her so I said, "is that dalmation you're wearing?" She said, "no blondie, does it look like there are spots on this?"! My bad! So she totally made fun of me and then John was trying to take a picture of Natalie and I with her and he acccidentally pushed the wrong button and turned the camera off. Cruella made fun of him too and said, "you would do that!" HA HA HA!! Then after we took our pictures we turned to leave and she said, "the exit is that way, I suggest you use it!"

Natalie and I on a ride

Shawn and I on the tea cups. You would be amazed at how hard it is to fit 4 adults in one tea cup! I wish we had a picture of that! It was actually quite painful for the legs!

All of us on Space Mountain which is pretty much the best ride ever! Well that and Indiana Jones!! Shawn was so funny. He insisted on keeping his hands up on every single ride no matter what! He would never put his hands down.

Natalie and I chillin with Winnie the Pooh's honey

The Haunted Mansion ride....what else is there to do on there? he he he....

A few more pictures....

Has anyone else been to both Disneyworld and Disneyland? Is it just me or is Disneyland just way better?

Sunday, April 13, 2008


For my job that I used to have (I quit because we are moving for the summer) I would travel and go to tradeshows every few months. I have gone with them to Orlando twice, tampa, and Tacoma. It has been fun and I love to travel! Well the last tradeshow I went to was in Orlando back in March. The day before the tradeshow started we had a some extra time. I couldn't help but notice that we were staying right next to Disneyworld. I had never been and so suggested that maybe we should go. Well two of the sales guys made fun of me, but Blaine said that he was in! YES!! I was so stoked! We didn't go to Disneyworld until about 5pm. It had been raining since about 2:00 or 3:00 but that wasn't stopping us. I was actually pretty excited that it was raining because that meant no lines! For all of you who know me that is a really good thing because I am extremely impatient. The whole waiting thing just doesn't really work for me! Anyways, right when we got to Disneyworld it stopped raining. It couldn't have been better timing because most people had already left the park since it had been raining for a few hours. The first ride we went on was Splash Mountain. We were THE ONLY people on the ride. For some reason I thought that you didn't get very wet on Splash Mountain. I was very VERY sadly mistaken! We got SOAKED!! My sweatshirt had totally soaked through to my shirt and my jeans were almost completely wet! This is me after the ride...

Just when I thought I was getting a little dry (about an hour later) it started pouring down rain again! It wasn't too bad at first and we weren't complaining because there were still no lines whatsoever! We would literally walk right up to the ride and get in! If you've ever been to Florida you know that when it rains it means business! Within no time there were huge puddles everywhere! My uggs were starting to get completely soaked through with water...all the way to my socks! There was no longer a dry spot left on me! But we still made it through the whole park and went on all the rides by the time it was 11 or 12. It was definitely a night to remember!

I wanted the whole Disneyworld experience....Mickey ears and all!

This is Blaine and I at the end of the night waiting for our ride. We sent this home to our loved one's to show how soaked we got!

Not only did I go to Disneyworld for the first time this trip to Florida, I also ate my first oyster and tried alligator for the first time! We also saw an alligator in this little pond on our way to work one day. Can you see him? (I hope he wasn't the one that I ate later on that night! That would just put a face to the food...poor lil' fella!)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I turned 6 this year!!

As many of you know, I am a leap year baby! So after a long awaited four years, I finally got to have a real birthday!! While it was great that I had a real birthday this year, I kinda missed saying that it was my birthday for two days (When there is no February 29, I always claim my birthday is February 28 and March 1. If I don't have one birthday I might as well have two right??) I was so excited for my birthday that I pretty much had a birthday week! Everyday of the week during my birthday I went to dinner with different groups of my friends. The food was great and so was the company (awwwww....). Oh, and I got two birthday cakes! YES!! One from my family and then one when we were snowmobiling in yellowstone....which brings me to my next topic! Shawn and I went snowmobiling in yellowstone on my birthday! YAY!! We went with some of the people we are going to sell with this summer! We left on Friday, February 29 and got to the cabins we were staying at. We ate dinner and had yummy birthday cake! Then we snowmobiled Saturday and Sunday and came home on Monday. It was a great way to celebrate the big 06! he he he....I'm getting soooooo old, before you know it I'll be 7! EEEEEEEEEK!!

I hated HATED the helmets! I felt like I was suffocating!

Shopping in downtown yellowstone and it was so so so so cold!

On our drive home where I busted out some Backstreet Boys which I must say sounded amazing! ha ha! Poor hubby...bless is heart!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


The first stop we made was in Cozumel. The scooter incident took up some of our morning so we went to the ruins and to the beach. The ruins were pretty cool--really old and stuff like you might expect them to be!

We drove around the whole island and found our own little beach on the backside of the island. So we layed out (mostly me) and played in the ocean (mostly Shawn).

More pictures from the cruise....


Then the very next day we went to Belize. When we got to Belize there was a group of 10 of us and we decided to go cave tubing and ziplining through the jungle! We had a crazy tour guide named Joel, Joe or Jose or something (he really didn't care what we called him as long as we gave him money! He's in the picture with me to the left)Anyway, we were short on time so he was a real crazy driver almost killing us numerous times!To go cave tubing we had to hike through the Belize jungle in our swimming suits carrying the tube we planned to use! It was so hot and humid and we were sweating our guts out (but how can you complain when it was snowing in Utah???)
Once we FINALLY got to the river to go tubing through the caves they hooked us up in a line and sent us on our way! We had Joe or Jose's son Elmer pull our line of tubes down the river and then Jose pulled the other line of tubes! It was really pretty and we saw lots of cool things but I kept thinking something from under the dark waters was gonna jump up and get me!
After the cave tubing we went and ziplined through the jungle! We went down 6 different zip lines total. It was so much fun!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More of the cruise!

On January 28, 2008 we left for our first cruise! We went on a Caribbean cruise which went to Belize and Cozumel. We loved it! We went on this cruise thanks to Shawn's work (thank you Apx)! It was so much fun because there were about 300 other Apx employee's on this cruise with us so we were able to hang out with some of our friends!

This is me with some of the wives hanging out while the hubby's play in a dodgeball tournament.

There were always so many activities going on when we were on the boat like the buffet, the newlywed game, the buffet, belly flop contest, 24-hour soft serve ice cream, shows, and....oh did I mention the buffet? LOVED THE FOOD!! Here is Shawn and I on formal night...

Oh and did you know that they have a chapel on the top floor of the ships? Well they do and apparently people get married on the boat!! Insane I know! But since other people were doing it I wanted to do it too! he he he....