Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Fam

Why oh why do I suck at blogging so much? I can't figure it out! So much has happened lately, Shawn's hunting trip (and gutting his first deer), Shawn's birthday, Halloween, mario kart....but as usual I haven't blogged about it! Maybe one of these days I will, but since I'm not going to right now then I will post our new family pictures we recently had taken! Shawn's brother is in the army and came for a visit so while he was here we had family pictures. We had some taken with Shawn's whole family (which I will post later because I don't have them yet) and then we also had pictures of our little family taken.


dani said...

you crack me up.
i)your little family is so dang cute!
ii) we were in utah for the fastest trip EVER-if i had time, i would've-PROMISE!
iii) i see how it is, you'll visit family in idaho but not me.
iv) i thought you'd be too cool for the wreath.

Aubree said...


You look amazing! I love your hair!!

andersonfam said...

I love the pictures! You all look great! Harley looks so cute and innocent in the pictures! Now, keep up on the blogging, would ya? I need something to entertain me!

Cami said...

OH how cute! I miss you. your hair always looks so perfect and you look great. I am jealous. pictures are cute. YES you need to be a better blogger, then I can see what you are up too. sounds like you are busy and having fun! take care

Shannon said...

Hey guys! Erica, send me an email to and I'll re-send you the invite to my blog. :)

Also, I'm trying to get my photography business going and was wondering if I could practice on you guys? It would be free to do the session and then if you want a CD of the images at high resolution (for you to print up any size and anywhere) it would be $40. Let me know what you think. You guys are just too cute!!!!

Tim and Lara said...

cute! My KBFF is soooo good-lookin! and I love your puppy pup-pup!

CHUNTZ said...

You nerd, love the pics!

jenni kaufusi said...

you look so good, love the family pics.