Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Annual Gingerbread House!

Every year since I can remember, my family has decorated a gingerbread house. My mom makes the house from scratch so it looks and tastes amazing. In the beginning when this tradition started, my mom used to have control of what went on the house and what it looked like. Now that we are all grown up and have our own kids (well some of us) the grandkids end up decorating most of it. One word to explain gingerbread night-- CHAOS!!! Little tiny hands grabbing m&m's and sticking them on the roof....frosting getting everywhere....slobber getting everywhere because they are eating candy at the same time as they are sticking it on the mom still trying to control it somewhat so that the slobbery candy doesn't end up on the house. My one nephew kept eating candy and then spitting it out because he decided he didn't like it....YUMMMY!!! Nothing like slobbery, half chewed cinnamon bears being put into my hand!

This is my mom helping the grandkids while I stand there with my mouth full of candy....I'm so useles....

Jeffy helping with the roof while the Mr. eats least he is useless too!

We discovered while we were young that the main focus of the house should be to get as much candy on there as possible because then when we break it in January, there will be twice as much candy on there to eat and it will taste so much better (yes, we actually eat a month old gingerbread house with candy on it.....look forward to it every year)! With that being said, it pretty much explains/describes the look of the house this year (and most previous years).


Cyndi said...

Dang! you beat me to it! I feel like there is something missing from that first picture...;)

Chalou said...

That sounds SO fun! I want to make a gingerbread house SO bad.. Can be apart of the family?

The Hansen's said...

ERica darling I am so sorry There are no pictures of you! I have not downloaded all of them. I will find one dont you worry my love!