Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mexican Fiesta Christmas Party!!!

We had a Christmas party with some of our friends. We decided to have a Mexican Fiesta party! We had so much good food! Enchiladas, Taco's, Bean Dip, Salsa, and then Courtney even made fried ice cream for dessert!

The boys digging in!

Courtney making the amazing fried ice cream! Seriously as good as it is at restaurants!

The boys watching the Jazz game, Sean, Jason, Shawn, Tom and Brad

Jeff and Chris on the other side of the room

The wifey's! Megan, me, Danielle, Sasha and Courtney

It was so amazing. After we stuffed ourselves with food then we played a game called Cursed. Jason and Sasha brought the game and its one of the best games ever!! Basically all you do is make a fool of yourself..... When its your turn you pick a card and it will have a curse on it and then you give that curse to someone and they have that curse for the rest of the game. For example, I had the hiccups the whole time. So everytime I talked I had to hiccup. Danielle's arms started at the wrist so her wrists were connected to her chest (whish I had a picture of that). Megan had to sign everything she was doing, Courtney had to yell like a drill sargeant whenever she talked....oh it was soooo funny!! Sometimes we'd have 3 to 6 curses at a time! Anyways, its was fun and I can't wait to play that game again!


Shannon said...

awww...there's little brother Seanie! Dang, I've got to get that game it sounds HILARIOUS!!! What a fun party!

Tim and Lara said...

oh my gosh kbff you haven't blogged in forever and it is like soooo lame! and this is coming from a terrible blogger herself!

Cami said...

Erica! I miss you!! how are you doing? okay I know I'm a bad friend because we've been in utah valley a bit.. I really do think to call you but things just are always hectic and busy but next time we go there I want to hang out! go to dinner or something k so don't hate me k! we'll plan a date!

landmark lighting said...

Happy Birthday!